Our Mission

To improve the emotional & psychological well-being of veterans by reducing the levels of social isolation. The ultimate aim of preventing suicide among veterans.

Suicide is a national public health issue that impacts people from all walks of life, regardless of whether or not they have served in the military.

It is a complex problem, and it requires coordinated, evidence-based solutions that reach beyond the traditional medical model of prevention. Ensuring access to quality mental health services for those in need is one part of a broader solution, but not sufficient on its own.

The John Paul project is determined to reduce the number of Veteran deaths by suicide, saving lives by using prevention strategies that are based on the best evidence available, together with supporting both veterans and their families to join us all on the road of being a survivor who is equipped to deal with the complexities that life presents.

The John Paul Project is managed and coordinated by the registered charity Caring Connections.

Caring Connections has over 27 years experience of supporting vulnerable groups and reducing social isolation across the Merseyside region.



To Veterans who have lost their lives by suicide,

to Veterans who have thoughts of suicide,

to Veterans who have made an attempt on their lives,

to those caring for a Veteran,

to those left behind after a death by suicide,

to Veterans in recovery, and

to all those who work tirelessly to prevent Veteran suicide and suicide attempts in our community.

We believe that we can and will make a difference.

— Nicky and Steven Finnigan, Volunteer