The John Paul Project

Our Mission:

Support Veteran Wellbeing

The John Paul Project is a charitable service which aims to improve the emotional wellbeing of veterans and their families across the Liverpool City Region through targeted psychological therapies and support programmes.


Our Aims

To improve the emotional & psychological health of veterans by reducing the levels of social isolation.

To Improve veterans physical well-being through innovative activity programmes.

In addition to improving access to targeted therapies and enhancing the levels of support available to veterans & their families.

The ultimate aim being to reduce the incidents of veterans taking their lives by a means of suicide.

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Our Services

for Veterans and their families

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The services at the John Paul strive to address the urgent and life-altering circumstances that confront veterans. Our services offer a complementary opportunity and a strategic and sustainable impact to enhance a community’s ability to improve the skill, capacity, and availability of counselling services for the long-term health of its veterans.

What we include:

Access fully funded psychological therapy provided by professionally trained counsellors & cognitive behavioral therapists.

Confidential and personalised one to one sessions based on the needs of each individual.

The service can be provided in a range of locations across the Liverpool City Region.

Individuals can self-refer or be referred through family members / health professionals / voluntary organisations.



Grant Fundraising (target £30 000 per year)

Charitable Giving (target £10 000 per year)

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Donations & Payroll Giving

A donation to the John Paul Project may take various forms, including money, services, or goods such as clothing, toys, food, or vehicles. A donation may satisfy counselling or physical activity needs. Charitable donations of goods or services are also called gifts in kind.

Payroll Giving, Workplace Giving or Give As You Earn (GAYE) is a tax free way for UK taxpayers to give money to UK Registered Charities.

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Sponsorship & Crowdfunding

Making a charitable sponsorship for a local event or individual, naturally can provide much needed help and support for an event or person in question for the John Paul Project.

Your company may also benefit from associating itself with a worthwhile cause, supporting our veterans well-being and making a difference in their lives.

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John Paul Ball Annual Fundraiser

An annual charity ball to benefit the John Paul Project hosted by Caring Connections.

The John Paul Project was founded in memory of our brother John Paul a former soldier in the British Army. He sadly committed suicide in May 2018. John Paul brought a great light into our lives. Help us pass that light along.

November 2018

Charity legacy set-up following the tragic suicide of soldier John Paul Finnigan.

A service to support veterans

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Get Involved

Helping the John Paul project on it’s mission to reduce veteran suicide is more flexible than you think. Support us by taking part in a sponsored run, or just make a one-off donation, the choice is yours. We’re always on hand to help you get started, providing you with a helping hand if you need ideas. So what will you do?

Fundraise, donate, tweet, get involved with a local program or event to help our veterans?


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