The John Paul Project

Our Mission:

Support Veteran Wellbeing

The John Paul Project is a charitable service which aims to improve the emotional wellbeing of veterans and their families across Merseyside through targeted psychological therapies and support programmes.


Our Aims

To improve the emotional & psychological health of veterans by reducing the levels of social isolation.

To Improve veterans physical well-being through innovative activity programmes.

In addition to improving access to targeted therapies and enhancing the levels of support available to veterans & their families.

The ultimate aim being to reduce the incidents of veterans taking their lives by a means of suicide.

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Our Services

for Veterans and their families

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The services at the John Paul strive to address the urgent and life-altering circumstances that confront veterans. Our services offer a complementary opportunity and a strategic and sustainable impact to enhance a community’s ability to improve the skill, capacity, and availability of counselling services for the long-term health of its veterans.

What we include:

Access fully funded psychological therapy provided by professionally trained counsellors & cognitive behavioral therapists.

Confidential and personalised one to one sessions based on the needs of each individual.

The service can be provided in a range of locations across the Liverpool City Region.

Individuals can self-refer or be referred through family members / health professionals / voluntary organisations.


November 2018

Charity legacy set-up following the tragic suicide of soldier John Paul Finnigan.

A service to support veterans

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Get Involved

Helping the John Paul project on it’s mission to reduce veteran suicide is more flexible than you think. Support us by taking part in a sponsored run, or just make a one-off donation, the choice is yours. We’re always on hand to help you get started, providing you with a helping hand if you need ideas. So what will you do?

Fundraise, donate, tweet, get involved with a local program or event to help our veterans?


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